Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Newest Obession: Lace trim everything!

Hey everyone! Today I’m showing you one of my latest obsessions: lace trimmed everything! 

In particular lace trimmed sweaters or pullovers. My obsession started by watching the 'Back to school: outfit ideas' video by Claudia Sulewski, a beauty ‘guru’ on youtube. In that video she featured this amazing lace hem pullover by the brand LA HEARTS (sold at Pac sun). It was love at first sight. I’m not the biggest fan of lace but the subtle lace hem makes just the perfect touch. The pullover itself is very cosy and warm and the lace trim makes the total package a litte more elegant. Because the sweater Claudia featured isn’t avalaible in all sizes anymore, I started browsing through the internet. Although they aren’t easy to find, I found a couple lace hem pullovers but also a lot of other lace trim things that I hope you like as well!

The video I talked about and the sweater featured in it. 

Where to find the sweater?  http://www.pacsun.com/la-hearts/lace-hem-slub-pullover-sweater-0740492750001.html?dwvar_0740492750001_color=011&start=15&cgid=la-hearts-womens

Other amazing items with lace trim on it!


Where to find everything: 


2. http://www.asos.com/asos/asos-pleated-midi-skirt-with-lace-hem/prod/pgeproduct.aspx?iid=3709958&clr=Peach&SearchQuery=lace+hem


What is your latest obesession? Comment it down below, I would love to read it!


Saturday, July 26, 2014


Today I will be sharing with you some tips that personally have been helping me throughout the years when it comes to beauty, hair and (skin)care!

1. This is an easy one but still 'forgotten' by most people. NEVER sleep with your makeup on and ALWAYS clean your face, in the morning and at night. With always, I do mean always. Even if you didn’t put makeup on that day, the pollution finds a way to clog up your pores. If you didn’t go out that day, I would still recommend cleaning your skin, because my cotton pad always seems to find some dirt on my skin. To clean my face, I use Bioderma’s cleansing water with a cotton pad. It’s the best cleansing water I have ever come across, I don’t even need a face wash or anything else to clean my face!

Where I found the picture:  http://www.lovestohave.com/beauty/1897

2. A quick tip to get the most out of your makeup products is to use your pencil eye-liner as an eye-shadow. I mainly use this trick in the summer, because I don’t want to slather on a ton of eye-makeup . I put a line on the crease to create some definition. Then you blend that harsh line and then you have a natural look with minimal product. To get the most out of that pencil liner you could obviously also line your eyes with it, but that is a given : ) . For that look I use the cheapest pencil liner I have and that is the long lasting eye pencil from essence in the colour ‘hot chocolate’. A pretty good bargain for only 1, 49 euro ( = 2 dollars; 1.18 pounds).

3. You want to put some effort into your eyebrows, but you’re too lazy ( or you just don’t feel like it’s that necessary). And you can’t afford buying all of these pretty pricey products, then I have the tip for you. This will at least keep your wild eyebrow-hairs in place. Take an old toothbrush and put some hairspray on it. Then comb it through your brows and voilĂ : Your brows are set. Would you prefer filling in some bold spots? Use one of those cheap essence pencils and go over those spots.

4. This tip I found out not too long ago. It’s to wet your sponges before putting your foundation/cream blush/… on to it. This will help prevent your sponges from getting ruined and will make sure the sponge doesn’t absorb all of your foundation. It will also make the application a lot smoother because you can get the maximum out of your product, since the sponge didn’t absorb it all. This will also prevent you from having to buy more foundation over and over again…

5. The next tip is rather personal preference. I don’t like to put on mascara on my bottom lashes. Since my bottom lashes are pretty long, the mascara gets everywhere and it’s always a hard job getting my under eye-area clean. Another reason why this is in general a good tip is because (black) mascara on bottom lashes draws the attention to your undereye-bags, which is most likely not where you want the attention going.

6. If you’re the kind of person who likes to wash their hair at night and go to sleep with wet/damp hair, you would have noticed your hair being kind of frizzy the next day. Here’s what you can do: After you washed your hair, comb it out with a wide tooth comb (so you won’t damage your hair). Then braid it into a dutch braid. The next day you will notice your hair not being so frizzy anymore!

7. If you’re a lazy-bones and you hate (or just forget) to wash your makeup brushes, try this tip out. Take a cotton pad and put a bit of your cleansing water on it. Now you can ‘wash’ your brushes on it by slightly rubbing it back to front on the cotton pad. You obviously could also use make-up remover wipes. And then you’re done! Your make-up brushes are clean(er).

Where I found the picture: http://makeupbykim-porter.com/2010/04/makeup-brushes-uses-part-i-eye-brushes/

Those were my 7 best beauty tips! I hope you found something new that you can try out! Comment your best beauty trick :)